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    Knowing the extent of flooding and understanding how it may further develop is critical to first responders and other emergency response personnel.  Thanks to advanced satellite technology now there's a service that makes accurate flood maps available on the internet.

    JULY 23 2014
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    How do you check to see if senior citizens are prepared for an emergency?  Let's see, texting is definitely out.  What about the internet and social media like Facebook and Twitter?  Not hardly.

    JULY 18 2014
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    Some might say that it was about time.  At any rate, earlier this spring the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), a key government body when it comes to regulating disaster planning, described emergency preparedness as an urgent public health issue.

    JUNE 9 2014
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    Severe weather incidents typically become more frequent going forward through the spring.  However, meteorologists are predicting that the transition will occur later in the season.  More importantly, the transition may be more dramatic than usual.

    For this reason many experts are warning of a spike in thunderstorm activity, including some storms capable of producing tornadoes, will occur later in may and in June.

    MAY 30 2014
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    There's no substitute to being prepared when disaster strikes.  And now a new store is making it that much easier for the residents of Oklahoma City, OK to stock up on virtually everything they need for an emergency in one convenient location.

    Homestead Preparation Station features the latest products and technologies to supply power, water, food, lighting and shelter to families in the event of a crisis.

    MAY 13 2014
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    Let the games begin!  Joe and Amy Alton enjoy playing board games so much they're attempting to develop a fun and challenging way for people to learn more about how to survive a disaster scenario.  And when you think about how so many people are woefully unprepared to cope with a disaster about all you can say is:   'Hey, it's sure worth a try.'

    APRIL 24 2014
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    As the City of St. Paul, MN has grown so has its needs with regards to issuing alerts and notifications to its population of approximately 288,000 citizens in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.  The city's  emergency warning system had essentially been limited to conventional pole-mounted sirens until recently.  Now, however, St. Paul showcases one of the most up-to-date disaster alerting and notification systems in the nation.

    FEBRUARY 21 2014
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    Stormy weather conditions such as tornadoes, lightning and thunder can be especially stressful for young children, oftentimes triggering anxiety that can have a long-lasting effect on their lives.

    NOVEMBER 26 2013
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    On November 13-14 the power grid for major parts of the U.S., Canada and Mexico will  be tested to see how well it stands up to either a terrorist attack against facilities or a cyber attack.  

    NOVEMBER 5 2013
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    Citing statistics from an article on the website For Construction Pros, eight out of 10 companies that suffer a major disaster without having some type of crisis plan in place go into bankruptcy within 18 months.  This will no doubt comes as sobering news to just about every business owner.  More importantly, once again the phrase "be prepared" suddenly takes on renewed significance.

    AUGUST 28 2013
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